Supongo que la letra es autoritiva pero por alguna u otra razón, hay algunas pequeñas diferencias en la letra que canta Morente. "Las Vecinas" jumps to life with jaunty string rhythms, pizzicati, and a revolving door of elegant solo instrumentation - including guitar, piano and violin. Today they see me returning. Al primer amor. But the traveler who flees I cry again. Que veinte años no es nada, Which look on me with indifference yo sé perder, quiero volver, volver, volver. None of the songs overly intrude for the listener trying to focus on Iglesias\'s score, though the final track "A Good Thing" (performed by Saint Etienne) belies its name. Tengo miedo del encuentro Volver was a song that his mother had taught him as a child. I'm a big fan of Flamenco (especially the songs) but, for the most part, they they seem to consist of a few short verses and a chorus (with everything repeated). Her soul clung Her soul clung Volver soundtrack from 2006, composed by Alberto Iglesias. And although I did not return Con sus pálidos reflejos Son las mismas que alumbraron VOLVER is only my second foray into Pedro Almodovar, and it was a strangely compelling watch even if I predicted a couple of the narrative twists long before they were actually revealed. Hondas hours of pain. Volver was intended as a vehicle for Pénelope Cruz, and she emerges here as the heir apparent to Sophia Loren. Errante en las sombras Cuando busqué más información en la red seguramente habrá leido el nombre de Carlos Gardel como autor de la canción. The snows of time Wandering in the shadows, Las diferencias no causarían problemas para un hispanohablente pero, dado que éste es un sitio para aprender, me sentí obligado a poner la letra tal como ella la canta. In the film, an extra line was added by either the band accompanying Vicente or himself "No vuelves porque no quieres!" If you have not seen it, you might not want to proceed further lest your movie … Silvered my temples. Wandering in the shadows With indifference This tango has been covered by multiple singers, including Julio Iglesias, Libertad Lamarque, Los Panchos, and Andres Calamaro. A sweet remembrance Sentir... And rightly so - for over the years Iglesias has perfected an approach to scoring based on (for the most part) chamber ensembles specific to the ideas of each film. That twenty years is nothing, Recording and mixing of the album (by Jose Luis Crespo and Red Led) is superb - communicating each voice in the ensemble. 5. Returning to the past Detiene su azar. which populated by memories, When I was in high school (impelled by my hormones) I attempted to write some poems. For me this song is somewhat unusual. He was an international celebrity known from the Gaucho fields in Argentina to the big city lights of Paris and New York – pretty impressive considering it was the 1920’s. I also like the original line "la vieja calle donde el eco dijo..." Change Like. Estrella Morente, chosen by director Pedro Almodovar, performs the main theme of the original soundtrack for his new movie "Volver" (featuring Penelope Cruz). Hours of profound sadness. SpanishDict is the world's most popular Spanish-English dictionary, translation, and learning website. El hecho, y lo que yo intenté aclarar, es que "Volver" es originariamente un tango... y el tango, como leí en algún lugar, lleva consigo un patrimonio cultural como expresión artística del alma del pueblo argentino. The beauty and clarity of each instrument\'s voice is a strength, as it often is in this composer\'s music. It deals with symbolism especially dealing with the title. Que es un soplo la vida, With a recent induction into the Music Branch following on the heels of his nomination for his score to The Constant Gardener, the Spanish composer\'s work appears to be highly esteemed by both critics and peers. I cry again. And, it also indicates the passage of time– and the return of the mother who, in a way, comes from the beyond.� MERIN: We’re lucky eight Almodovar films have returned to NY in a retrospective of your work. The song was available to fans on 25 March 2016 with the pre-order purchase of her debut album. Que febril la mirada With their pale reflections where the echo said Almodovar "Yo, por ejemplo, viví con el fantasma de mi abuelo. to confront my life. That twenty years are nothing. That is a breath of life, My only complaint has to do with how predictable the plot was, at least to me. (The demented pizzicati against cor anglais solo is a lovely touch in particular.) That it's a life's puff of breath. The snows of time "His life is yours". Volver... With a withered brow, (muy primitiva). Few have written and sang with the same passion that Gardel had to his “tierra” with Mis Buenos Aires Querido. After her death, a mother returns to her home town in order to fix the situations she couldn't resolve during her life. that is all the fortune 1. The song was also used in the trailer for the film Africa United and, in Argentina, the movie-channel Volver used the intro to the song for the Advertising Space ("Inicio y fin de espacio publicitario" in Spanish). Legal proceedings. The three songs on the album all appear in the film - as is common in Almodovar films. Thanks for sharing, Samdie I loved the film and I really liked the song, too. Thank you so much for the translation of this song.This was one of My grandfather's favorite songs and I have been dyeing to know what he was saying. Con el alma aferrada Directed by Pedro Almodóvar. Encadenan mi soñar. (Penelope Cruz\'s character apparently sings "Volver", though on album it is performed by Estrella Morenta). © 1996–2021 Autotelics, LLC. Como mencioné al principio del hilo, conocí la canción por primera vez porque salió en la peli de Almodovar. W ith its overwhelming richness, its colour and warmth, Pedro Almodóvar's new movie is set to capture your heart. Guardo escondida And although the forgetfulness If any information appears to be missing from this page, contact us and let us know! The music video for "Siempre Brillarás", featuring scenes from Tini: The Movie, was released on 25 March 2016. A enfrentarse con mi vida. I notice the blinking Volver is a tango song created in 1934 by Carlos Gardel and Alfredo Le Pera. Has killed Wandering in the shadows, Alberto Iglesias provides a lush, orchestral score, and Cruz’s character sings (or lip-synchs) the show-stopping title song “Volver ,” after a long day (in another plot strand) feeding a … Another ("Volver - Estrella Morente - y Letras") contains the full song and captions/subtitles for the lyrics (with one small error). We are looking for and you name it. Menu. Volver Spain 2006 Written and Directed by Pedro Almodóvar Produced by Agustín Almodóvar and Esther García for El Deseo S.A., Canal+, Ministerio de Cultura, TVE Original Music by Alberto Iglesias ‘Volver’ interpreted by Estrella Morente Cinematography by José Luis Alcaine Editor: José Salcedo Production Design by Salvador Parra Los dos cantan muy bien pero con estilos muy distintos. That twenty years is nothing, Las nieves del tiempo Errante en las sombras, This romantic feature recounts the tangled experience of Pablo, a successful fashion designer whose love life has long been overshadowed by his work. Que veinte años no es nada, Almodovar Strung my dream. Enchain my sleep. Volver ("To Return") occurs in Spain in 2006. I would not presume to attempt a "poetic" translation of the lyrics of this song (if anything, I tend to believe that they can only be appreciated in Spanish). One ("Volver song by Raimunda") is taken directly from the movie (with the movie's soundtrack) but is only the second half of the song. Have killed That is a breath of life, "Tuyo es su querer.". That feverish gaze The song is very important to the movie because it is the song taught by the mother, Carmen's character, to her very beautiful child, Penélope's … Platearon mi sien. Released by EMI / Capitol in 2006 (H2 0946 3 69760 2 0) containing music from Volver (2006). Are the same as lit That the the feverish look A simple hope Volver opening scene. Te busca y te nombra. "Tuya es su vida." Que febril la mirada, The tango "Volver" by Carlos Gardel with lyrics by Alfredo Le Pera is converted to flamenco and is sung in the movie with the voice of Estrella Morente and lip synced by Penélope Cruz. Despite exuding a far warmer and cuddlier air than the director\'s divisive Bad Education, and securing strong box office results for a foreign language film, Volver\'s showing at the recent Oscars was lean indeed. Volver seemed guilelessly wonderful when I … With Alfonso Herrera, Ximena Herrera, Mónica Huarte, Luis Calvillo. I quickly realized that I have no talent as a poet. From my heart. Opening credits c/o A Sharper Focus One of the best film music albums of 2006. Con el alma aferrada A un dulce recuerdo, Haya matado Login or register to post comments; Music Tales. In my old illusion. There's also a great song which shares its title with (and predates) the film. Gardel composed and performed the music, and Le Pera wrote the lyrics. With the past that has returned Which, peopled by memories Que todo lo destruye, Penelope Cruz represented the film alone for Best Actress, Almodovar not even securing a Best Foreign Language Film nomination. A mi vieja ilusión. Feeling ... And though oblivion There\'s a theme presented here that recurs throughout the score, and sounds a little like Gabriel Yared\'s unused "Paris and Helen" love theme from Troy, though I say that for sake of comparing it with something rather than suggesting an influence. Lyrics of Volver in English and in Spanish: here, Carlos Gardel singing Volver (1935): here, (Cover versions/sequels/second parts are almost never better!!!). Without going into detail, the story is about how women deal with death, secrets and, in general, familial relationships. Si me hubiera dado cuenta de lo famoso que era, habría mencionado su nombre con los demás datos. To cope with my life. So I am working on a project and coming up with ideas for my next project. What I assume are drastic on-screen events require cues like "Paco Congelado" to court harsher suspenseful writing, though thankfully Iglesias is not a composer whose suspense music fails to inspire the listener away from the film. Which I lament again. Sooner or later And perhaps this score is what that hypothetical Spanish-set Douglas Sirk-directed adaptation of The Ghost and Mrs Muir you\'ve always wondered about might have sounded like if Herrmann had scored it. Hoy me ven volver. Gardel was a successful writer, composer, producer, and actor. ". And hopefully there\'s much to look forward to in 2007 from this composer - including Savage Grace, Caotica Ana (Julio Medem\'s new film), Her Majestic Minor, and a non-film music album. Te busca y te nombra. Translation: This impassioned love Goes on, compelling me to return; I'm on the road to madness And although everything tortures me, I know how to love. Lo de cuál versión es mejor me parece simplemente cuestión de gustos. Acclaimed on its presentation at the 2006 Cannes Film Festival, Volver reunited director Pedro Almodovar with two of his leading ladies of years gone by - Penelope Cruz and Carmen Maura. Y me muero por volver Y volver, volver, volver A tus brazos otra vez Llegaré hasta donde estés Yo sé perder, yo sé perder Quiero volver, volver, volver Muchas gracias, thank you! I fear the nights And, although, I didn't want to return In both concept and composition, he has offered compelling solutions to the musical demands of films by Carlos Saura (Dispara), John Malkovitch (The Dancer Upstairs - one of the most underrated scores ever), and of course the films of his ongoing collaborators Julio Medem (La Ardilla Roja - one of Stanley Kubrick\'s favourite modern films; Lovers of the Arctic Circle and Sex and Lucia) and Almodovar, all of whose films since La Flor de mi Secreto have been scored by Iglesias. Important points highlighted in colours and has screen shots of important scenes to accompany the notes. Pero el viajero que huye, Vivir... Me chifla el estilo flamenco-gitano y no me gusta mucho el estilo romántico de la época de Gardel (por bien hecho que sea). Under the mocking gaze of the stars Even the darkest portions suggest a dramatic world where the dangers are not entirely to be taken seriously: the meandering feel of "Se Aparece + Trabajo" for example. The song was also recorded in English and was released under the title, "Born to Shine". Sentir... It\'s probably closer in sound to La Flor de mi Secreto - their first collaboration - more than any of the others. En dicha película Carlos Gardel interpreta: "Sol tropical", "Sus ojos se cerraron", "Guitarra, guitarra mía", "Volver", "Suerte negra", y "El día que me quieras", con final a dúo con Rosita Moreno.... Por eso la calidad es tan mala, es la versión original, y muy vieja. If you have seen Volver, I would be interested in your input. "Un Año de Amor” is lip-synched in the movie by Miguel Bosé, one of Spain’s biggest pop stars, whose character uses the song in his drag act.